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I am an artisan of handcrafted jewelry imbued with my Love ~ Light & Laughter to adorn the body, expand the mind & lift the spirit! I believe in the power and properties of natural elements, so I prefer to surround myself and share the energies of the precious & semi-precious gemstones, minerals and metals in my jewelry.

I grew up inspired and in awe of my father, Pat Warren’s artistic talents. He has (in his words), “dabbled and doodled” in many forms of art most of his life. I strive to bring the pride in my father’s art and in our Celtic heritage to life in my work. I’ve been drawn to the repetitive designs of Celtic Knots, Mandalas, Sacred Geometry and Kaleidoscopes since I was a child. I find these fractal images both calming and meditative, and I often bring these ancient, yet timeless symbolism to my designs. 

After working mostly in beading and wirework for 15 years, I was introduced to the alchemy of Metal Clays. Metal Clay is microscopic metal in an organic binder that can be sculpted, carved, moulded or stamped into almost any conceivable design. After being fired in a kiln, the clay binder burns away and forges the metal into solid metal. Passionate about this innovative way to work in metals, I studied independently at first, then took classes with several award winning artisans, receiving my PMC® Teaching Certification in 2011.

My jewelry line began as Mystical Creations and my booth Mystical Creations Gallery. When I started doing mostly Celtic Festivals, my booth and shoppe at PA Renaissance Faire became Celtic Artisans. After selling my shoppe the fall of 2014, and taking a break from Celtic Festivals, I am now focusing on juried Art Shows and teaching as Mitzi Warren Designs. My jewelry has been published in the internationally acclaimed Metal Clay Artist Magazine. Currently I teach classes at my home studio in Silver Spring, MD in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.


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